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August 31, 2022

Every 6 months we would like to selectively expand our team. Besides a good profile, it also matters if an employee is fully integrated into our team. We have invested over 90 hours in our onboarding alone, so that we can optimally ensure the integration of our newbies. The open working culture gives every employee the ability to get to know themselves better and improve their communication skills. Because we have so many different work areas and employees, our employees have a great influence on our corporate culture, which is constantly specialized and developed through employer branding measures. We are currently very busy with written work within the company and are looking for:

Content Marketing
A position that combines both HR and Branding with Marketing to create and write crucial internal and external content for our business.

Customer Satisfaction Manager
A position where customer satisfaction is paramount. Developing and implementing a world-class customer lifecycle management framework, developing strong customer relationships, monitoring customer health and ensuring value and ROI is recognized.

Social media manager
A position that focuses on the conceptualisation of creative content ideas as well as the planning, coordination and analysis of all activities on the respective social media platform and the strategic development and maintenance of the social media channels of SailyGroup AG and its associated companies and projects.

The collaborative teamwork within and with other departments not only promotes our corporate culture, but also leads to great results for us as a company. Each of our employees has the chance to establish themselves here and stand on their own two feet, so we set no limits to creativity, responsibility and willingness to perform. To this end, we as the Employee Branding Team create many framework conditions, which you can feel and see at the latest when you are working on site. No one is busy. It’s all a question of priorities. Where do you set your priorities? Do you want to work or experience a world full of opportunities and choices?

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