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In a fast-moving world full of technology and an ever-growing number of tools and devices, communication and staying in touch is more important than ever. For us at SailyGroup, it is important to ensure a constant exchange about current projects, challenges and goals. This way, we can not only work more efficiently and goal-oriented, but […]


Social media during the pandemic

Tim Habermann

Marketing& Social Media

Will the escape into digital illusory worlds soon be all we have left? The fact that we are losing privacy due to the numerous social networks, that we have access to today, should be known to most people by now.  But what happens when the generation of so-called “silver surfers,” i.e., people over 50, suddenly […]


Living in Comfort


Project Management - SailyGroup AG

The term ‘smart home’ encompasses various automation processes for networking technical devices of all kinds, but how does the term actually correlate with Living in Comfort?” The real power of the concept doesn’t come from any of these devices; it comes from interaction. “ In recent years and the future, the IoT sector and the […]


Cloud Migration

Jan-Ole Förste

IT- SailyGroup AG

In this article, I will start with an explanation of the cloud, explain the advantages and disadvantages of cloud migration, and points to be aware of when migrating. What is the cloud? The cloud (cloud computing) is a form of accessing and using necessary services through the Internet. In the past, it was common to […]