Each partner becomes a fundamental proactive actor contributing
to the synergy of the group.

Since its inception, SailyGroup AG is a holding company with a diverse range of businesses operating within its framework. We strongly believe that great business ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit must not be stifled by lack of funding. We invest in founders and young companies with innovative products and services, a scalable business model and a large addressable market behind every successful company stands a strong team. Our financial advisers have several years of experience and come from diverse backgrounds. From integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into our investment processes, we aim to create a positive social impact by serving communities around the world.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping clients, employees, shareholders and communities achieve their life goals and financial independence. Our advisory team understands your risk appetite, helps mitigate market volatility and shares its expertise to guide our clients every step of the way with personalized service. We look for innovative ideas and highly motivated start-up companies to work with. When a company matches our key criteria, we will play the role of a financial benefactor and a consultant and invest in your business. With our expertise we will create the necessary foundation for your sustainable long-term success.

As a thriving business, we pride ourselves in being consultants, mentors and venture capitalists that invest in start-ups with a good mix of potential, motivation and innovative ideas. When we come across entrepreneurs with business ideas and operational models that match our key criteria set by our expert advisers, we commit more than just time and money. We share our vast experience, myriad knowledge, impart skill sets and insights to help neophyte businesses grow and flourish.

Business model primed for success

Our formula for success and deriving higher returns is to build scalable businesses

Our business model successfully combines the scalability and profitability of small to medium size enterprises, the efficiency of technology replacing heavy manpower requirements and risk minimization of a diversified conglomerate model to achieve commercial success

Constant innovation and staying ahead of the curve

Shared resources throughout the group of companies reducing overhead costs and increasing productivity

Packaged solutions such as the AMAIVI restaurant management system clubbed with the Karikaala chain of restaurants, Navina Smart Homes technology running the homes that we build and so on

S.M.A.R.T Goals – Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely – ensure definite results in the short and long term

Founders of SailyGroup

Kulasegaram Varunauthayan

SailyGroup AG is an ambitious company that develops innovative ideas and turns them into reality. Our quality awareness, which includes the continuous review and questioning of our work, represents an important constant in all areas. We have been guided by this constant for many years of continuous development of our company, which leads us to a healthy self-assessment of our working methods.

An important pillar of our success is good cooperation and communication with our clients and we are firmly convinced that through our goal-oriented work and effective management (OKR´s) we can respond to the needs of our clients and thus experience joint progress and success.

Through cooperative leadership on the part of our management, it is the responsibility of each individual employee of SailyGroup AG to make decisions in a self-determined and autonomous manner in order to achieve the joint goals and determine how we support Start-Ups in their development both on the financial side and through consulting.

Kulasegaram Viulan

We aim to offer start-ups the opportunity to fulfill their dreams!
With our many years of experience, expertise and distinctive know-how, we support companies in an advisory and financial capacity so that they can establish themselves on the international market. When a company decides to turn to us, we examine the business idea at hand, explore the added value and then jointly create an innovative and scalable business model.

Our focus is on the creation of new projects and ideas, which we transform into a joint vision of our AG and the start-up. We are aware that building a young company requires a lot of time, money and support.

However, we like to take on challenges and see them as an opportunity, as our own company is constantly developing and we grow as a team in our abilities. In this way, we can reliably support young companies with innovative ideas in the future as well.