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 Design Thinking


IT Project Manager

In this technological era today, the working of people and businesses could be divided into two ways, one where everyone is open to responding and adapting to newer technologies and fast paced trends whereas on the other hand the businesses find it very difficult to respond to the overwhelming and drastic technological changes. Connecting with […]


Start-ups are on everyone’s lips: as an important engine for economic development and social progress, they not only create new jobs, but also drive technological breakthroughs and innovative business models. They challenge established entrepreneurs and play a key role in driving modernization.  But how do these young companies attract attention, what are their distinguishing characteristics, […]


The Journey of modern Advertising


Marketing - SailyGroup

Advertising as we know it today has had some groundbreaking moments over time. The history of advertising began at a time when Facebook, Instagram or TikTok was pure Science fiction. At a time when the word Science fiction did not even exist. It began in ancient times and has continued to evolve from century to […]


According to the Bitkom Research of 2021, 90% of those involved can no longer imagine life today without the new digital technology. At the same time, 80% voted in favor of new digital technologies making life easier.  Among the respondents out of a total of 1004, 76% were able to operate a computer or smartphone […]


Why we believe in a great office environment!


Branding - SailyGroup

Importance of appearance and image When a customer enters a shop, the design team has worked hard to let that customer know in just a few seconds what the business does and what is available to purchase by creating an inviting attraction through ambiance. Likewise, companies should consider the message being sent to a client […]


Interactive Content


Marketing - SailyGroup

Quizzes, personality tests, games and chatbots – users enjoy finding out about new offers in a fun way without having to leave the house, while brands are enjoying their increased sales. In today’s world, between the possibilities of international communication and rapidly changing tools, it is necessary for companies to keep up to date with […]


Modern Transparency


Marketing - SailyGroup

Introduction to Neuromarketing In the early 1990s, Harvard University Prof. Dr. Gerry Zaltman first used the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) tool as part of a marketing research and patented a technique known as Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) bringing Neuromarketing to the spotlight. However, the term has been coined and brought to literature by […]


Living in Comfort


Project Management - SailyGroup AG

The term ‘smart home’ encompasses various automation processes for networking technical devices of all kinds, but how does the term actually correlate with Living in Comfort?” The real power of the concept doesn’t come from any of these devices; it comes from interaction. “ In recent years and the future, the IoT sector and the […]


Cloud Migration


IT- SailyGroup AG

In this article, I will start with an explanation of the cloud, explain the advantages and disadvantages of cloud migration, and points to be aware of when migrating. What is the cloud? The cloud (cloud computing) is a form of accessing and using necessary services through the Internet. In the past, it was common to […]


Be more sustainable!


Operations - SailyGroup AG

For SailyGroup AG making our contribution to a socially and economically more sustainable society is an essential part of our company philosophy. The German study “Nachhaltiges Leben 2020“ by Polycore, has shown that 83 of the interviewees want to design their lives in a more sustainable way. Especially young consumers would like to bring their […]