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Finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas

We at SailyGroup use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criteria we will offer financial and advisory support to their business.

We accomplish the goals together

Our portfolio managers evaluate business opportunities, securities and risks in order to match our investment criteria. We look into ideas, business concepts, models and analyse projects to give counselling, support and financial resources to reach the targets.

Little drops make a mighty ocean

We firmly believe in networking. Other than financial means, the comprehensive knowledge of SailyGroup is a precious asset created by sharing experience and expertise. Each partner becomes a fundamental and proactive actor contributing to the synergy of the group.


Latest insights from SailyGroup and our portfolio companies.


Three Year Anniversary of KARIKAALA!


Employer Branding

 A Look Back at Our Anniversary Festivities We believe in celebrating milestones, big or small, and the third anniversary of our restaurant KARIKAALA was no exception. As the first Indian restaurant with such an unparalleled menu offering, we have already been able to enchant well over 50,000 guests. We are particularly proud of our digital […]


“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”. This statement comes from the American author Brian Tracy, who specializes in particular in books from the field of business, self-development and leadership, and could not be more true.  In order to feel changes in one’s life and make progress, it is essential to […]


For StartUps

Innovative Ideas

We look for innovative ideas and highly motivated startup companies to work with.


If our criteria match, we offer financial support for your business.


We offer our advice and help to smooth out your workflow.

Business Plan

We look in depth at your business plan or help you create one.

Connecting expertise

We connect companies and people with different expertise to get the best performance.


Reliable partner providing support and advice.

Ralf, Customer Satisfaction

At SailyGroup, we have a clear goal of aligning our products and services with the needs of our customers. We generate daily insights into the behavior of customers and the markets in which we compete. SailyGroup is therefore an exciting place to work at!

Anastan, IT

As a fresh IT graduate, I am glad that I could join SailyGroup AG. I experience SailyGroup AG as an organization that serves businesses of all sizes by meeting tomorrow's business needs through cutting edge technologies. As an intern who wants to gain experience with industry standard tools and have the opportunity to network by exploring different areas, I consider SailyGroup AG as the right place for me and am happy to be a part of such an innovative team.

David, Design

What makes a good workplace? Of course, there are many answers to this question, but cohesion is essential. In my opinion, this is precisely the greatest strength of the SailyGroup. From my first day at work, I was welcomed as if I had been part of the company for a long time. Everyone is there for each other, everyone helps where they can, because the fact that cohesion within the company is so important, we manage very well to work passionately as a team on our projects so that we as a team share our common achieve the goal.

Marusha, Marketing

As a dual student I can say that you learn very important things for the university at SailyGroup. But that's not the best thing about being here, it's the wonderful social environment. Since day one you get included in every project and can be part of amazing work. I never expected that I would ever look forward to going to work. I´m very glad to be a part of SailyGroup.

Athi, Operations

SailyGroup AG is a company of freedom. You have the opportunity to connect your personal growth with the progress of the company. As an operator, I value the fact that we are guided by data-driven decisions and do not rest on our laurels, rather we continue to drive our business forward in a customer- and team-oriented manner.

Manoel, Designer

I’m very glad I joined SailyGroup. Every day as an apprentice, I am presented with new exciting tasks and new insights into the professional field. Right from the start, I was regarded as a full member of the company, and therefore I was given responsibilities. The way I work in my Design department and in general at SailyGroup is very open, which I really appreciate. Everyone is allowed to contribute their ideas and everyone helps the other. That’s how it feels to work together as a team and never be afraid when you ask someone for help. I feel in good hands here at SailyGroup as an apprentice and as a person myself.

A venture capital investing in everyone

We at SailyGroup strongly believe that finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas. We use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criterion we will offer financial and advising support to their business.

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In today’s fast-paced business world, modern working environments are characterised by constant change. Companies are faced with the challenge of developing flexible solutions that not only meet the ever-increasing demands of their employees, but also promote efficiency and productivity. A key element in this process is the use of flexible working models, which are emerging […]


Transformation trends in gastronomy due to the influence of digitalization using the example of KARIKAALA  The world we live in is constantly changing, affecting different areas of our lives to varying degrees. New technologies, emerging markets and innovative approaches require us to adapt quickly. One sector that has been facing this external change for years […]