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Finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas

We at SailyGroup use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criteria we will offer financial and advisory support to their business.

We accomplish the goals together

Our portfolio managers evaluate business opportunities, securities and risks in order to match our investment criteria. We look into ideas, business concepts, models and analyse projects to give counselling, support and financial resources to reach the targets.

Little drops make a mighty ocean

We firmly believe in networking. Other than financial means, the comprehensive knowledge of SailyGroup is a precious asset created by sharing experience and expertise. Each partner becomes a fundamental and proactive actor contributing to the synergy of the group.

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We look for innovative ideas and highly motivated startup companies to work with.


If our criteria match, we offer financial support for your business.


We offer our advice and help to smooth out your workflow.

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We look in depth at your business plan or help you create one.

Connecting expertise

We connect companies and people with different expertise to get the best performance.


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Latest insights from SailyGroup and our portfolio companies.


Positive Mindset Week

Published on: November 14, 2022

In the “International Week of Happiness at Work” we were already able to notice the great effects of happy and satisfied employees on productivity, work atmosphere and communication skills. In our related blog article, we talked about small gestures in the form of honest compliments or small gifts that our employees exchanged with each other.  […]


International Week of Happiness at Work

Published on: October 26, 2022

Everyone wants to be happy, don’t they?While being at work is part of our daily lives, one of the best ways to achieve a happier life is to be happy at work.Additionally, happy employees are one of the most important factors in a company’s productivity and working atmosphere. At SailyGroup, we therefore place special emphasis […]


Sarah, HR

What makes our company is us, the team! Our interaction with each other and our effective cooperation is reflected, among other things, in the success of our company. For us, the atmosphere at SailyGroup AG is of great importance and we value respect, friendliness and openness towards each other. Apart from performance, which is an important element for the development of the company, our focus in the area of human resources is primarily to find employees who respect and protect these values as much as we do and thus complement our amazing team.

Marusha, Marketing

As a dual student I can say that you learn very important things for the university at SailyGroup. But that's not the best thing about being here, it's the wonderful social environment. Since day one you get included in every project and can be part of amazing work. I never expected that I would ever look forward to going to work. I´m very glad to be a part of SailyGroup.

Maka, Sales

Let me introduce you Aruntu, which is a start-up by SailyGroup AG. Our brand offers a large variety of spirits for unbeatable prices. To fulfill all the wishes and Consumer demands we love to work customer-oriented. In this regard, the Aruntu team consists of professionals from different field's such as marketing, design, analytics, sales and customer service. As the manager of this project I am excited to be part of our start up and manage our team to achieve our goals.

Renusan, Administration

As office manager, my intentions are to invest my time in our employees and reap their benefits later. Management is not about picking the best ideas; it's about creating a system that allows those ideas to emerge. I oversee all operational, financial, and budgetary obligations. To accomplish my tasks, I first set a goal to achieve my plans, and always pursue a critical path.

Jan, IT

We're building innovative solutions for all sorts of business sectors. Invest in the present to shape the future.

Nico, Trainee + Development

Before I worked as an apprentice, I often heard that you are treated badly and that the tasks you get are always the worst. But at SailyGroup this prejudice is disproved! From the first day, I was appreciated and was able to do meaningful tasks. Today I can contribute to making our products as good as possible, together with great colleagues in a very pleasant environment.

A venture capital investing in everyone

We at SailyGroup strongly believe that finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas. We use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criterion we will offer financial and advising support to their business.

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Start-ups are on everyone’s lips: as an important engine for economic development and social progress, they not only create new jobs, but also drive technological breakthroughs and innovative business models. They challenge established entrepreneurs and play a key role in driving modernization.  But how do these young companies attract attention, what are their distinguishing characteristics, […]


Advertising as we know it today has had some groundbreaking moments over time. The history of advertising began at a time when Facebook, Instagram or TikTok was pure Science fiction. At a time when the word Science fiction did not even exist. It began in ancient times and has continued to evolve from century to […]