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Finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas

We at SailyGroup use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criteria we will offer financial and advisory support to their business.

We accomplish the goals together

Our portfolio managers evaluate business opportunities, securities and risks in order to match our investment criteria. We look into ideas, business concepts, models and analyse projects to give counselling, support and financial resources to reach the targets.

Little drops make a mighty ocean

We firmly believe in networking. Other than financial means, the comprehensive knowledge of SailyGroup is a precious asset created by sharing experience and expertise. Each partner becomes a fundamental and proactive actor contributing to the synergy of the group.


Latest insights from SailyGroup and our portfolio companies.


Cocktail Campaign at KARIKAALA

Maja Splete


Third cocktail is a charm! The last warm days have passed, summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner.  However, our thoughts are still with the cozy summer evenings spent in our Indian Tamil restaurant KARIKAALA. Surrounded by many guests and their friends and family, accompanied by appetizing food and […]


World Environment Week 2023

Maja Splete


In today’s world, where environmental issues are at the forefront of global concerns, it is vital for companies to embrace sustainable practices and foster a culture of environmental awareness. At SailyGroup, we have recognized the importance of these practices and have integrated them into our corporate culture on the occasion of World Environment Week. World […]


For StartUps

Innovative Ideas

We look for innovative ideas and highly motivated startup companies to work with.


If our criteria match, we offer financial support for your business.


We offer our advice and help to smooth out your workflow.

Business Plan

We look in depth at your business plan or help you create one.

Connecting expertise

We connect companies and people with different expertise to get the best performance.


Reliable partner providing support and advice.

Fabienne, Marketing

As Social Media Manager at SailyGroup, I thrive on creativity and diversity. I incorporate my own ideas into exciting projects while fostering transparency and acceptance within the team. This positive work atmosphere strengthens our unity and resilience. Together, we showcase our brand and engage our community, creating a dynamic online presence that reflects our values and achieves our goals.

Isabelle, Employer Branding

Empowering employees is the cornerstone of a vibrant brand. When our team feels valued, believes in the mission and is authentically represented, the entire company radiates trust, commitment and unparalleled potential. In the age where branding makes or breaks a company, investing in your internal brand is the smartest move. When employees shine, the world doesn't just see a brand; they experience a movement.

Maka, Administration

Let me introduce you Aruntu, which is a start-up by SailyGroup AG. Our brand offers a large variety of spirits for unbeatable prices. To fulfill all the wishes and Consumer demands we love to work customer-oriented. In this regard, the Aruntu team consists of professionals from different field's such as marketing, design, analytics, sales and customer service. As the manager of this project I am excited to be part of our start up and manage our team to achieve our goals.

Manoel, Designer

I’m very glad I joined SailyGroup. Every day as an apprentice, I am presented with new exciting tasks and new insights into the professional field. Right from the start, I was regarded as a full member of the company, and therefore I was given responsibilities. The way I work in my Design department and in general at SailyGroup is very open, which I really appreciate. Everyone is allowed to contribute their ideas and everyone helps the other. That’s how it feels to work together as a team and never be afraid when you ask someone for help. I feel in good hands here at SailyGroup as an apprentice and as a person myself.

Anastan, IT

As a fresh IT graduate, I am glad that I could join SailyGroup AG. I experience SailyGroup AG as an organization that serves businesses of all sizes by meeting tomorrow's business needs through cutting edge technologies. As an intern who wants to gain experience with industry standard tools and have the opportunity to network by exploring different areas, I consider SailyGroup AG as the right place for me and am happy to be a part of such an innovative team.

Maja, Marketing

At SailyGroup, there are no limits to creativity and diversity. Own ideas and thoughts can be incorporated into exciting and challenging projects at any time. In addition, the transparency and acceptance within the team not only creates a positive working atmosphere, but at the same time a feeling of cohesion and strength.

A venture capital investing in everyone

We at SailyGroup strongly believe that finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas. We use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criterion we will offer financial and advising support to their business.

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 Design Thinking


IT Project Manager

In this technological era today, the working of people and businesses could be divided into two ways, one where everyone is open to responding and adapting to newer technologies and fast paced trends whereas on the other hand the businesses find it very difficult to respond to the overwhelming and drastic technological changes. Connecting with […]


Start-ups are on everyone’s lips: as an important engine for economic development and social progress, they not only create new jobs, but also drive technological breakthroughs and innovative business models. They challenge established entrepreneurs and play a key role in driving modernization.  But how do these young companies attract attention, what are their distinguishing characteristics, […]