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Finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas

We at SailyGroup use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criteria we will offer financial and advisory support to their business.

We accomplish the goals together

Our portfolio managers evaluate business opportunities, securities and risks in order to match our investment criteria. We look into ideas, business concepts, models and analyse projects to give counselling, support and financial resources to reach the targets.

Little drops make a mighty ocean

We firmly believe in networking. Other than financial means, the comprehensive knowledge of SailyGroup is a precious asset created by sharing experience and expertise. Each partner becomes a fundamental and proactive actor contributing to the synergy of the group.

For StartUps

Innovative Ideas

We look for innovative ideas and highly motivated startup companies to work with.


If our criteria match, we offer financial support for your business.


We offer our advice and help to smooth out your workflow.

Business Plan

We look in depth at your business plan or help you create one.

Connecting expertise

We connect companies and people with different expertise to get the best performance.


Reliable partner providing support and advice.


Latest insights from SailyGroup and our portfolio companies.


We’re hiring!

Published on: August 31, 2022

Every 6 months we would like to selectively expand our team. Besides a good profile, it also matters if an employee is fully integrated into our team. We have invested over 90 hours in our onboarding alone, so that we can optimally ensure the integration of our newbies. The open working culture gives every employee […]


International Photography Day

Published on: August 29, 2022

In the theme of International Photography Day, we at SailyGroup have once again come up with a new challenge for our employees. This time, it was all in the theme of creativity and the question “What is SailyGroup to you?”. The task consisted of taking and creating a picture, collage or something similar, on which […]


Vickneesh, Operations

We always look to increase our connections.
A good pipeline allows us to find better deals and opportunities.
We build transparent relationship to provide value and help our customers.

Mathu, Sales

Nothing is impossible - I think this motto is reflected to some way in our company. As in any company, you are faced with major challenges from time to time. In such situations, you realize that the SG team catches you and walks and masters this path together with you. I feel very comfortable and ready to gain even more knowledge through SG and pass it on to our future employees. I am very happy to be a part of SailyGroup and I am looking forward to my future challenges. Like Steve Jobs said: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!"

Sinan, Design

Since my first day I have been part of the whole team – on a professional as well as on a private level. A modern office, a weekly eating, team events like playing football and so much more let you feel comfortable and good. Another positive experience is given by the fact that I work with so many people in my age. Combined with interesting tasks and a friendly atmosphere I have nothing to complain about.

Marusha, Marketing

As a dual student I can say that you learn very important things for the university at SailyGroup. But that's not the best thing about being here, it's the wonderful social environment. Since day one you get included in every project and can be part of amazing work. I never expected that I would ever look forward to going to work. I´m very glad to be a part of SailyGroup.

Athi, Operations

SailyGroup AG is a company of freedom. You have the opportunity to connect your personal growth with the progress of the company. As an operator, I value the fact that we are guided by data-driven decisions and do not rest on our laurels, rather we continue to drive our business forward in a customer- and team-oriented manner.

Merlin, Development

SailyGroup is a company which appreciates input from its employees regardless of their position within the company. This helps the company and its employees to further improve the working atmosphere continually. SailyGroup aims to innovate the modern market by bringing young thinkers to the table of old problems.

A venture capital investing in everyone

We at SailyGroup strongly believe that finance should not be a hurdle to great ideas. We use our resources to grow, foster and flourish motivated startups with innovative ideas. When a company matches our criterion we will offer financial and advising support to their business.

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