Technological and data-driven development in the restaurant business.

AMAIVI is not just an app that provides a cosmetic facelift to the restaurant experience. It is a holistic, end-to-end workflow management system that brings efficiency into every aspect of restaurant operation and ensures a seamless workflow. It is a pioneering technological solution that can improve the success rate of a restaurant. By eliminating the need for outdated steps in the workflow of traditional restaurants, owners can increase productivity and minimise costs. With AMAIVI restaurant owners can assess the crucial phases of the workflow where issues arise, track the source of those issues and correct them. In the era of big data, data analytics and data-driven business models, AMAIVI helps restaurateurs make the transition from the art of restaurant management to the science of restaurant management. Everything from inventory management, reservations, e-menus, ordering, payment and customer feedback can be managed as one smooth and seamless movement. To top it off, the establishment is empowered to utilise cutting-edge digital technology to manage, track and retrieve crucial business data such as frequently ordered or popular items on the menu, number of visiting customers at different times of the day or week, revenue versus cost analysis and so on that can provide much needed insight to target marketing efforts and improve profitability. Another very important advantage of a digitally optimised process is being able to go paperless, in effect transforming the business into a sustainable, environment-friendly organisation.