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July 20, 2021

For SailyGroup AG making our contribution to a socially and economically more sustainable society is an essential part of our company philosophy. The German study “Nachhaltiges Leben 2020“ by Polycore, has shown that 83 of the interviewees want to design their lives in a more sustainable way.

Especially young consumers would like to bring their concerns for our environment into harmony with their consumer behaviour and how to be more sustainable. Businesses are expected to take care of their social responsibility and to include social, societal and environmental concerns. Business should not feel threatened by this change in awareness. The opposite should be the case: they might rather understand this change as an opportunity, since sustainability can be highly beneficial and profitable for businesses.

Some reasons for that are:

Sustainable businesses are more likely to be innovative

The production of more sustainable goods and more environmental-friendly and efficient supply chains asks for the usage of natural sources. So ideas are more likely to be found in nature – this serves the purpose of sustained innovation. It cannot be denied that innovation culture is going to increase further development of the future and competitive capability of businesses.

Sustainability is a magnet for motivated employees

Companies with a convincing sustainability strategy attract well-qualified and motivated employees. Our working environments undergo a huge transformation. There are several reasons for that: but surely the ongoing global pandemic accelerated the process of digitalisation in a way which is changing the working environment into a more time-efficient and employee-friendly space. Viewed historically, one could say that the salary level had been one of the forceful pull-factors for new employees, but it becomes more and more self-evident that employees also want their labour to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability is a magnet for investors and shareholders

The numbers of sustainable investments are growing at a particularly rapid pace. To a lot of investors a sustainability strategy is a must-have for new but also established companies. Also shareholders are more interested in stocks which guarantee sustainability. A lot of “green” funds and stocks attract more and more (especially young) shareholders.

All these reasons, but first and foremost our sense of responsibility, contribute to our corporate strategy to take environmental and social aspects into constant focus and thus to make our social, environmental and economic rooms fairer and more sustainable.


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