Digital transformation trends in the restaurant industry

Maja Splete


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December 14, 2023

Transformation trends in gastronomy due to the influence of digitalization using the example of KARIKAALA 

The world we live in is constantly changing, affecting different areas of our lives to varying degrees. New technologies, emerging markets and innovative approaches require us to adapt quickly.

One sector that has been facing this external change for years is the hospitality industry. Customers increasingly expect faster service, easier ordering and shorter waiting times. 

  • 71% of customers are interested in digital options
  • 55% want to know which items are out of stock before ordering
  • Over 50% are open to self-service concepts in restaurants
  • 29% perceive a better dining experience in digital establishments

As a result, hospitality businesses must constantly adapt and implement innovative solutions. Whether online or in-store: In the age of digitalisation, investment in modern technologies is necessary to meet new customer trends. These include contactless payment options and online reservation tools, as well as intelligent ordering systems, electronic menus, and solutions for staff scheduling, inventory, and menu management. 

The growth is significant, dynamic and, above all, unstoppable:

  • 53% offer online reservations
  • 46% use a digital point-of-sale system
  • 33% have a digital menu
  • 23% record guest contact details digitally
  • 19% allow digital ordering of food and drinks
  • 75% of hospitality operators plan to invest in new technologies by 2023 

What is needed are innovative solutions that combine all of these capabilities in the best possible way, and whose implementation allows for faster operations while minimizing the number of manual errors.

KARIKAALA as example for implemented digital trends

Our Indian-Tamil restaurant KARIKAALA has seized this opportunity by implementing the restaurant management tool AMAIVI, also developed by SailyGroup AG. As an innovative all-in-one management system, it goes beyond a conventional ordering system.

The use of tablets offers a wide range of functions that enable targeted insight into company activities and smooth processes within and between different departments. As a result, restaurant operations are supported and optimized throughout.

Different display views, depending on the position of the person, optimize the entire process, from taking the order, to the service by the staff, to the analytical evaluation by KARIKAALA’s business owners.

The positive feedback from KARIKAALA’s guests on the AMAIVI system is a living testimony to the successful integration of modern technologies that improve operational efficiency and the overall guest experience. The simple user interface and rich functionality of AMAIVI via tablets have proven to be key factors in this positive customer response.

Guests particularly appreciate the ease of ordering that the digital system offers. With just a few clicks, they can browse the menu, place an order and check the bill. This user-friendly experience contributes to a seamless experience, while allowing guests to focus on the dining experience without distraction.

With its digital ordering system, AMAIVI not only offers an uncomplicated ordering process for KARIKAALA’s guests but also many other advantages!

The time saved by ordering on a tablet allows us to cover a wide range of customers with a small number of staff. 

Furthermore, KARIKAALA is taking an important step towards sustainability with AMAIVI. The digital restaurant management tool is designed to eliminate paper menus and order cards and reduce the carbon footprint of restaurants.

With a digital ordering process, our customers get a closer look at the ingredients through pictures and detailed descriptions. This way they can better decide whether the ordered dish is to their liking. More accurate ordering not only improves the dining experience for guests, but also proactively reduces potential food waste.

Up-to-date stock levels assist in making purchasing decisions and ensure that only the necessary quantities of food are flagged as out of stock. This approach also facilitates the effortless marking of sold-out dishes.

According to studies, inventory management technologies can reduce food waste by up to 80%. Also our Indian-Tamil restaurant has already seen a significant difference. 

What makes AMAIVI unique is its analytical capabilities, which use live data to provide a comprehensive view of all processes and possible action steps in real time. A dashboard provides access to the entire restaurant management tool and enables insight and intervention into what is happening at KARIKAALA, regardless of the person’s location.

AMAVI tablet used in KARIKAALA as part of the implementation of digital trends

To summarise

Overall, the integration of modern technology into hospitality operations such as KARIKAALA’s not only improves operational efficiency. It also creates a positive and contemporary experience for guests who are open to embracing these innovations.

You would like to learn more about the use of technology in the hospitality industry through management tools such as AMAIVI? Then you are welcome to visit the KARIKAALA website or come and visit us at our restaurant in Lohmar.

For an insight into the happenings at KARIKAALA, also check out the restaurant’s social media profile. We look forward to your visit!


“Fakten aus der Gastronomie 2023”

“Digitalisierung in der Gastronomie”

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