The Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace



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October 20, 2023

Maintaining mental health in the workplace is no longer just an option, but a necessity. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the foundation for a successful work and personal life. It enables employees to deal with daily pressures, work productively, reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to their communities.

At SailyGroup, we are committed to promoting the mental health of our employees and view it as a state of well-being that enables our team to actively develop and improve their mental balance.

Definition of mental health

Mental health, also referred to as psychological health, pertains to the state of emotional, psychological, and social well-being of an individual. 

It should not be forgotten that mental health does not only describe the absence of mental disorders and illnesses, such as depression and burnout. On the contrary, mental health primarily includes positive factors: job satisfaction, well-being, engagement, and individual resources. 

It encompasses the ability to cope with stressful situations, function effectively, maintain social relationships, make decisions, and enjoy life to the fullest. Mental health also includes the capacity to recognize and deal with personal issues when they arise. It is a crucial aspect of overall happiness and influences how we think, feel, and act.

Impact on the way of working

Mental health in the workplace is of key importance as it has a significant impact on employees and the company as a whole. A healthy mental state of employees helps to increase productivity and the quality of work. People who feel good about themselves are better able to focus on their tasks, work more efficiently and are more likely to come up with creative solutions.

By implementing mental health programs and policies, employers can help minimize absence from work, as personal issues tend to cause employees to miss work more often, which can impact the company’s efficiency. In addition, positive mental health leads to higher job satisfaction, which helps ensure that employees tend to stay with the company longer and are more engaged.

Open communication and support

A key aspect of SailyGroup’s mental health efforts is friendly and engaging communication management. This forms the foundation of a good relationship between management and employees. Open and clear communication allows employees to contact their supervisors or the HR team when they have issues or challenges related to their mental health. This open dialogue builds trust and reassures employees that we take their concerns seriously.

Flexibility and work-life balance

Beyond the aspects already mentioned, SailyGroup has introduced targeted measures to improve the work-life balance of its employees. The offering of flexible working time models is a crucial element that helps to enhance the mental health of the staff. Taking this initiative enables employees to better balance their work commitments with their personal and family needs, which has a positive impact on their well-being and strengthens the company as a whole. 

The promotion of regular breaks also plays an important role, and, therefore, our team gathers weekly for a joint lunch, where we eat, talk, and laugh together.

Around 10% of the days missed by people at work are due to mental illness

Awareness days and workshops

In order to achieve the set goal of increasing the overall well-being of employees and positively influencing the work environment, the company celebrates various awareness days and fills them with informative workshops, interactive discussions and a lively exchange of facts and experiences. 

One of these initiatives is the “Positive Mindset Week”, where employees were encouraged to shape their mindset in a positive and constructive way. This helped to reduce stress and develop an optimistic attitude toward professional challenges.

As well, “Gratitude Day” provided an opportunity to cultivate gratitude and appreciate the positive aspects of life, increasing the overall well-being.

SailyGroup actively commits to improving the mental health, inner balance, and satisfaction of its employees through Awareness Days like these. Through such programs, our company seeks not only to create a supportive work environment, but also to strengthen the team spirit and bond among employees.

Team events

Team events such as get-togethers for barbecues, bowling tournaments and tennis competitions are valuable tools for promoting mental health and strengthening teamwork in companies. Such activities provide an opportunity for employees to get to know each other on a personal level outside of the office, which strengthens trust among each other and improves communication.

Away from the workplace, participants find a space to relieve stress and relax, which has a positive impact on their psychological health as well. In addition, sports activities such as tennis tournaments help promote a healthy lifestyle and improve physical and mental health.

Conclusion: Mental health is the key to success

Promoting mental health in the workplace is now here to stay, and SailyGroup recognizes that it is an active process that requires support and commitment. Our company has demonstrated that open communication, training, flexibility, and a healthy work environment can promote mental health in the workplace. This leads to happier and more productive employees, which in turn leads to sustainable success for our company. However, there is always room for improvement, which is why SailyGroup is always striving to introduce new actions and strategies to strengthen the well-being and inner balance of our employees. 

If you’re interested in what actions we’re planning for this, what our team events look like or if you just want to learn more about us: it’s worth taking a look at our social media profiles on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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