Events, Workshops and Team-building: The offline Aspects of Employer Branding


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October 4, 2023

In a digital age where online presence dominates conversations about employer branding, it’s easy to forget the significance of offline interactions. The physical, in-person experiences that employees have within SailyGroup – from workshops and events to team-building activities – are essential pillars of our brand. In many ways, these offline encounters shape our perceptions, drive engagement and build our organizational culture more effectively than any digital strategy can.

Events are more than just a Gathering

When everyone comes together for one of our company events, it’s not just about the content of the presentations or the logistics. It’s about the entire experience, the atmosphere and the connections formed. 

  • We host awareness day and events that value innovation and emphasize forward-thinking. In addition, topics like diversity and sustainability are also of great importance to our team. For example, once all of our team members came together, to plant our own little office garden as a gratitude to the environment. 
  • Feeling part of something significant gives our team a morale boost. All these memorable events leave us feeling appreciated and connected.

Continuous Learning and Development with SailyGroup

Workshops play a huge role in employee development. That is why SailyGroup organizes regular interactive training sessions to…

  • …acquire new skills: This not only helps in current obstacles but also prepares for future challenges. Communication techniques and how to use them are one of our most recent projects, which seems to be a complex task in our digital, multilingual environment.  
  • …Cross-Interact: Workshops often bring people together from our different departments and projects, allowing for networking and to put individual ideas to one collective. SailyGroup constantly plans projects like SARAKKU, KARIKAALA and many more with various goals to enrich from another.

The way your company approaches continuous learning and development is your way to invest in its people. This not only strengthens your brand among current employees but also attracts potential talent who values growth.

Employer Branding Team Activity at SailyGroup

Building Bonds Beyond Work

Team-building activities can often be overlooked or dismissed as mere fun activities, but their impact on employer branding is fundamental. This is how our team-building activities had an impact on our employees:

  • Trust and Collaboration: Activities that required teamwork broke down barriers and encouraged employees to trust and lean on each other. This turns out to make a huge impact on our daily workflow.
  • Improved Company Culture: The nature of the team-building activities you choose reflects what your company stands for. SailyGroup stands for innovation, passion and collaboration, while every single activity is perfectly matched with these values. Our “International Week of Happiness at Work” is the best example. Small gestures in the form of honest compliments or small gifts were exchanged. Soon, we were already able to notice the great effects of happy and satisfied employees on productivity, work atmosphere and communication skills.   
Employer Branding Team Activity at SailyGroup

Integrating Offline and Online  Employer Branding

To maximize the impact of our employer branding, it’s essential to integrate the online and the offline world. Here’s how we do it: 

  • Share Offline Experiences Online: Our employees can share their authentic experiences at events, workshops, and team-building activities on social media. However, we also write Blogs, SailyNews and LinkedIn posts to show as much as we can about our companies favorite topics. Our Indian Tamil restaurant KARIKAALA is only one of many captivating topics. 
  • Consistency is Key: We ensure that the values and culture we promote online are in sync with what employees experience offline. Our values stay identical, although our topics vary constantly. 

While the digital space offers incredible opportunities to showcase your employer brand, it’s the offline experiences that leave a lasting imprint on employees. By investing in events, workshops and team-building, companies can create a welcoming and authentic employer brand both internally and externally.

In case you want more behind-the-scenes impressions of our daily life at work, feel free to check out our Instagram profile or follow the latest news at SailyLeaks!

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