Three Year Anniversary of KARIKAALA!


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November 8, 2023

 A Look Back at Our Anniversary Festivities

We believe in celebrating milestones, big or small, and the third anniversary of our restaurant KARIKAALA was no exception. As the first Indian restaurant with such an unparalleled menu offering, we have already been able to enchant well over 50,000 guests. We are particularly proud of our digital ordering system, which has revolutionized the entire ordering process in the restaurant. This year, we decided to spread the joy over two days. One dedicated to our loyal customers and the other to our hardworking team. 

Our anniversary starts with a day dedicated to those who have supported us through our journey – our customers. We set up the restaurant with festive decor and balloons to set the celebratory mood. We poured our heart into designing it perfectly. From table decorations to a whole new entrance bar. 

As soon as our customers walked through our doors, each one was greeted with a glass of sparkling prosecco and a refreshing mango juice. It was a day filled with good food, laughter, and plenty of gratitude. To show how much we care, we gifted small tokens of our appreciation. Just for this occasion, we created new merchandise bags and bottle openers. The personalized Thank You cards were hard work, but worth seeing all our customers leave with a big smile on their face. 

The following day was all about celebrating the people behind the KARIKAALA experience – the staff. We decided to step out of the restaurant and headed to BOA, a local bowling alley for some friendly competition and team bonding. Of course, the boxing machine in the front had to be tested first. 

Post bowling, we returned to KARIKAALA for a meal together. The highlights were the heartfelt speeches from our team members and a video presentation, reflecting on KARIKAALA’s journey so far. During this period, presents and a small Thank You speech for each and every one of our team members brought joy in every last one of us. However, the delicious food elevated our mood even further. At the end of the night, we had so much fun, we completely lost track of time.

Our third-anniversary celebration was a memorable occasion that reflected the hard work put into our brand and the community we’ve built over the years. We are grateful for every hand that helped us manage the event. It was once more a testament to great teamwork and meticulous planning.

After the celebrations, we received a wave of positive feedback that truly warmed our hearts. Although the quick turnaround time of two weeks was quite the challenge, our team handled it like it was nothing. We are proud of our customers, our team and our entire company.  

As we step into another year, we are filled with gratitude and look forward to creating more beautiful memories with our customers and team.

Thank you!

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