Christmas at SailyGroup

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December 28, 2022

The year is coming to an end, Christmas is over and we are looking back on plenty of memorable experiences, moments and feelings that have shaped not only our work, but also our employees themselves. 

In 2022, we as a team were able to gain a great amount of new knowledge, identify suitable solutions, and achieve a number of goals that will certainly have a lasting impact on our work in the future. Here you can read about a few of these accomplishments!

Furthermore, with the hiring of numerous new employees, our team has been expanded with great colleagues whose engagement and expertise is greatly welcomed and appreciated by all of us. 

In other words, there was more than one good reason to bring the year to a festive close, which is why we celebrated our Christmas party last week in the presence of our colleagues and partners!

The event took place in our restaurant KARIKAALA and also the staff working there were joining us.
Besides excellent food and a cozy atmosphere, it was especially the inspiring and engaging conversations between our team members that made this evening a very special one. The topics ranged from work-related achievements and plannings to conversations about freetime activities and private matters, showing us that at SailyGroup we are not just a working community, but a team full of trust and friendship. A feeling that more than just encourages us in our work!

Looking forward to 2023, we will continue to welcome new projects, new colleagues and even a new office building, and are already looking forward to these upcoming steps with great enthusiasm! As a team, we are sure that we will be able to manage and accomplish them successfully. 

We wish you and your loved ones a great start into the new year and look forward to everything that is waiting for us. 

Thank you for everything!

Christmas gifts
Christmas tree

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