“Eid ul-Adha” at KARIKAALA

Published on:

July 7, 2022

The Feast of Sacrifice, or Eid ul-Adha in Arabic, is the highest Islamic festival in the world and lasts four days. This Feast honours the Prophet Abraham, who would have sacrificed his son to Allāh as a sign of loyalty.

On the Feast, traditionally a lamb or a cow is sacrificed, this sacrifice is divided into three parts. One part is donated to the needy, another is given to friends and family, and the third part is eaten with family and friends immediately after the slaughter.

KARIKAALA is happy to join this celebration from 09.-14.07 and for this important muslim feast our chefs have created some delicious and appetising dishes to share with you.

Moreover, to maintain the traditional sense of the Feast of Sacrifice, our team has decided to donate for each customer, who will visit us in these four days, a meal to a person in need, starting from a minimum of 100 meals.

Therefore, besides our delicious dishes, there is another good reason to visit KARIKAALA. Enjoy a relaxing evening in a breathtaking ambience and do something good at the same time!

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