Hydration Week



Published on:

June 15, 2022

SailyGroup celebrates hydration week!

The health of our employees is a top priority at SailyGroup and one of the most important factors of a healthy lifestyle is to drink enough fluids during the day. Our bodies consist of about 60% water and lose about 2.5 liters of water per day, which must be replenished. Depending on the level of daily activity and factors such as temperature and humidity, the daily intake of water varies. Adequate hydration keeps your organs functioning properly, prevents infections and improves sleep quality, cognition and mood.

At SailyGroup, we pay close attention to the health of our employees, which is why we are celebrating Hydration Week by holding a healthy competition. Each of us keeps track of the number of water bottles they drink until the coming Friday. The person who drinks the most until then will win a very interesting prize.

We wish our employees good luck!