International Photography Day

Published on:

August 29, 2022

In the theme of International Photography Day, we at SailyGroup have once again come up with a new challenge for our employees. This time, it was all in the theme of creativity and the question “What is SailyGroup to you?”.

The task consisted of taking and creating a picture, collage or something similar, on which to identify what the unique characteristic of our company is to each employee.
Afterwards, the masterpieces were printed and displayed in our art gallery – the pinboard in our kitchen.
The evaluation of the pictures took place by awarding small star stickers. Despite the amount of really creative pictures, a clear winner could be determined in the end.
Already winning at the Hydration Week Challenge, Sinan again cleared the prize.

His picture won by bringing in his sense of humor and made a lot of our employees have a good laugh. The picture shows a before and after picture: At the beginning of his work at SailyGroup and now – about 10 months later. But what do we need to talk about – have a look for yourself!

Congratulations Sinan and thanks to all the other hardworking participants!

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