SG Open 2022 – The Championships

Published on:

July 22, 2022

In a stressful working routine, sufficient exercise and sporting activities are often far too infrequent. But sitting for long periods of time, monotonous movement patterns or a lack of exercise can put a strain on your health over time.

That’s why sport is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle: It strengthens the immune system, keeps the cardiovascular system fit and can prevent a variety of diseases. In addition, sport improves your mood and your ability to concentrate.

SailyGroup AG emphasizes the importance of sport and its proven benefits for the health as well as for strengthening our employees’ relationships by frequently organizing sporting events. A few weeks ago, however, we have taken it a step further by organizing and starting our very own Official Tennis Tournament SG Open 2022; an eventful tennis tournament, in which 16 motivated players participated.

For this reason, the first SG Open 2022 started a few weeks ago! An eventful tennis tournament, which lasted four days and in which 11 motivated players participated. Three rounds had to be won to finally reach the final.
The finalists played an exciting match full of ups and downs, but in the end there was a clear winner!

We warmly congratulate Hussam on his victory as the first SG Tennis Champion in 2022! Further congratulations go to the Runner Up Mathu and the third place winner Vicka!

We would like to thank all participants and helpers who made this event a very special one and we are already looking forward to more exciting matches!