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January 18, 2023

Pongal at KARIKAALA and SailyGroup✨!

As an indian-tamil restaurant, our already presented project KARIKAALA celebrated one of the most important festivals of the tamil culture this year: Pongal! It is a celebration very close to the harvest festival, thanking the sun god Surya for the harvested produce.

In the spirit of the festival, many traditions are followed. There are special rituals, such as the traditional preparation of the rice dish Pongal on an open flame, the wearing of certain festive clothes and the making of kolam artwork from rice powder or chalk.

At KARIKAALA the festival was celebrated in a very special way:

This year our guests could look forward to several excellent dishes served during the Pongal celebration: This was because our special menu “Virunthu” included a large number of traditional Tamil dishes, which could be ordered as both vegetarian and meat options.

Rituals such as drawing kolam artwork using rice powder took place, and visitors could admire the artwork in front of our restaurant. Also of special significance was the cooking of pongal on an open flame in a pot in front of our entrance. Traditionally, the rice dish is cooked until it spills over the edge of the pot and then eaten together.

At SailyGroup we also celebrated:

As an opportunity to give SailyGroup employees an insight into Tamil culture, we came up with something very special this year. On the first day of Pongal we prepared a kind of exhibition showing different traditional Pongal items to present the different festive activities in more detail.

In addition and as a group activity, we painted Kolam artworks with chalk. Many beautiful artworks were created and we all had a lot of fun!

If you want to have more insights about the Pongal festivities, feel free to have a look at the instagram profile of KARIKAALA!

Happy Pongal - image with pongal tradition in the background
Pongal special dishes

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